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About the Company:

Because we like the energy business, we decided non-polluting renewable energy sounded great as a new focus. It is difficult to imagine a more attractive business, and because the industry is both young and diffuse, there is a chance to build a wonderful and significant company. Advances in technology mean that electricity generated by wind energy is almost competitive in price with natural gas sourced electricity. If one takes into account the environment benefits of a non-polluting energy source, wind is clearly an essential component of a balanced energy policy.

Making a profit is essential for a business to remain vital and exciting, but it is also wonderful when a business has a reason beyond a simple profit motive. Most people who work in renewable energy do so because they care about the environment. The dangers of pollution and the evidence of climate change are now undeniable. There is a pressing need for alternative energy sources if we are to avoid an ecological disaster. It is terrific to work in an industry where a sincere sense of social responsibility prevails. There are businesses that offer the potential for greater monetary rewards. Few, however, combine the possibility of profit with societal improvement on as fundamental a level.

In the past year the company has been in the process of screening wind turbine installation sites in New York and Pennsylvania. This would be used to obtain data for estimating the performance and or the economic viability of the sites. In the future, we will be looking to build Wind Farms on those locations.

For any inquiries please contact our General Manager:

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